An interested visitor who has been strolling through your site has finally come to just what she is looking for and is about to make a purchase. She clicks the sign up now button and enters her email address which then sends her to her payment processor. Suddenly, her cat who has been sleeping peacefully nearby, takes a flying leap and lands right in the middle of her computer keyboard – Oh, No….
In the blink of an eye your visitor exits your site and your sale is dust…unless you have an autoresponder which has captured the precious email address entered earlier!
This will enable you to make contact with this visitor and offer them some updated information and perhaps they will return because you cared enough to make contact.

There are many ways to use an autoresponder but the first and most important is to build a list of those people who have been interested enough to give you their contact detail.

If you are still researching the many different autoresponders available at present and would like the easy way to find the options that are on offer then the following charts will be of interest to you.



The charts below are the result of recent
research but can change as product
specifications change.




autorepsonder chart1 resized
autoresponder chart 2 resized

Hope you find this really helpful in your investigations into the autoresponder to suit your needs.


Footnote: Someone has contacted me and asked, “which one did you choose”?

I have been an aweber user for sometime now but have not investigated its depths fully so there is further learning for me in this field too. Glad this has been of help.

4 comments on “Choosing The Best Autoresponder For You”

  1. Hello Bev

    Great to see all the leading contenders placed next to each other, although I would not have included Infusionsoft as they are far more than just an autoresponder but their starting price would eliminate them from most people’s top 3 anyway.

    On pricing it’s also worth bearing in mind that with the exception of Aweber, certain companies vary their prices by country, I did think about switching to GetResponse but found their pricing is far more expensive in the UK than in the US.

    • Hi Igor
      Thanks for visiting. Your comments are really helpful for me. I was unaware of the price differences with each country.
      I am interested in how you found my blog??
      I apologize for being so long in replying – I have not been diligent in responding and need a good slap on the wrist!! I do enjoy having visitors both to my home and to my blog so you are very welcome… call again soon and I will put the kettle on!!

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