This WP journey is fraught with lots of stops and starts. What is the difference between a post and a page and how do you make a start?
Firstly, let’s look at the differences:
A page is usually created around one topic – for example you can have a shop page, a contact page, a welcome page, or anything that applies to your site.

A post is an ongoing conversation and can be on any number of different topics which would be of interest to their site visitors or subscribers. Posts can be more interactive than pages although there are no set rules about any of this and a site can be anything you want it to be.

Posts have categories which are usually applied when the post is created. This helps with SEO and Google recognition of the site.
Posts are usually placed under the blog/post page item in the menu so visitors know where to find them as well as use the navigation around the site.

To create a category:
Go to dashboard – posts – categories and create category required. Save.
It is good to add graphics to pages and posts as it keeps the reader engaged and on your site longer which is important.

To return to the post and page discussion which has prompted this “post” it is really important to actually map out your site before commencing or else you will find yourself, like me, making decisions that are not in your long term plan.

Decide whether you want a blog site or a full website setup. What is the difference?

A blog is a moving conversation starting on the front page. Each new post takes the top position and moves the rest down another section of the front page of your site. This is a blog.

A website usually has a static front page which can be a welcome page or an introduction to the main theme of your site but it can also include another page which is the blog page and acts exactly as a blog.

So there are no hard and fast rules except to decide what you wish to develop yourself and how you want your business message to be spread online.

The other important item to consider is how your visitors find their way around your site.

Make everything extra simple to find. Have a good menu and tell people what you want them to do if you wish them to visit another area of your site for further information.

I do hope this has been helpful for you and please leave me a message below if there is anything further you would like information about. I am happy to help.

2 comments on “What is the difference between a Post and a Page in WP?”

  1. I never was clear about the difference between posts and pages so I really appreciate your article on that subject. I was also confused about categories. So two matters getting clarified in one article. Thank you. The best to you!

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks for dropping by. Glad to be of help.
      How often it seems that the simple things can really confuse us!
      All the best for your success.
      Kind regards

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