Now you have finally decided to give this Internet Marketing Business Idea a go you will need to set aside a space for your own office.

Home OfficeMany well established online marketers reveal that they started their business with a laptop seated on their beds and stored any paper records in the corner under their clothes!

If you are starting with a tight budget, and most of us do, then there are a few things that I would like to share with you that will make your life easier and allow you to make progress more quickly.

If you’re just new you may not yet have everything you need for your home office. Some people find they work better after they have all the equipment they need for their office while others have no choice than to get the minimal equipment and get started.

Two things are essential and they are a computer and Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if your computer is a PC or Mac.  Either will work just fine for this type of business venture.  Just keep in mind that most Internet marketing software is created for the PC, so if you have a Mac, you may need to make sure you can also run Windows programs on it by using a Windows emulator, or installing Windows on your Mac.

It is not essential that you have a high-end model unless you intend to do a lot of extreme graphics work or video editing.  Most Internet marketing tasks can be accomplished well even on systems that are several years old. I started on an old laptop and gradually upgraded as I was able to afford it.

A high-speed Internet connection is the best, but if you can’t get one, you can still work just fine.  You might be slower, but you can still accomplish most tasks on a dialup connection although most places are now on high speed or WiFi connections.  Now with WiFi it is possible to spend time in many locations and have hi speed connections. Like shopping malls and coffee shops! Some marketers drink lots of coffee!!

Some people’s productivity really goes up when their office is equipped properly. This means having a clean and tidy environment with lots of light and a door that can be closed tightly to keep out domestic noises and other distractions.

Regardless of your situation, you’ll need a comfortable undisturbed place to work. Your work surface should be as clear of clutter as possible. Have folders ready for projects and a place to store and file your receipts and other things you print out.Headphones

You don’t have to have a separate office, but you’ll need to make sure you can have a little quiet space to work.  If you live in a small apartment with a family, you may find it difficult to get any privacy, so a good set of noise-reducing headphones and a good white noise CD or MP3 can really help.  White noise will help block a lot of bothersome noises, and will help you focus on your work.  Music can also work, but it may be too distracting for some people.

Back to office equipment ideas: a quality printer is a good investment and most printers can be used as a fax and copying machine as well.
An ergonomically designed office chair is, in my opinion, essential. As is a desk of good proportions, if you have the space.

If you are just starting out you may be using the end of the kitchen table and a laptop to begin your millionaire business.  Just get started and then you can add a comfortable supporting chair. It is very important to provide support for your spine as we can become hunched over and require more chiropractic care than would normally be needed to straighten us out again!

If you have the budget and are using a PC then one of the best investments you can make is dual monitors. I actually requested my second monitor from my family as a birthday gift! They thought I was slightly crazy but it has increased my productivity immensely and also relieved the eye strain and stress of trying to open many windows on one monitor. Just the best gift!

It is very important to schedule your time wisely and this will be totally dependent on the hours that you have free to devote to learning and doing Internet Marketing. I will write another post regarding the budgeting of time because this is vital and time is easily wasted when it could be used building your business.

Taking time away from the computer is also essential, not only from a fitness aspect but also for some brain and eye rest. Overwhelm is one big issue for newcomers to this industry.

I remember well thinking that my brain would explode if I tried to learn one more thing!

Remedy: I closed down my computer completely, walked out of my office and closed the door, went for a walk and did not return to the computer for two days.Dog walk

I had reached the limit of my capacity and this is a very foolish thing to do.

Be warned – don’t allow this to happen to you.

Taking the dog for a walk is good for you AND the dog!


2 comments on “Setting Up A New Home Business Office”

  1. Hey Bev, loved your article because it is full of GREAT advice for anyone getting started (and even for more advanced marketers!) without over complicating anything.

    I wasn’t aware a messy desktop could actually impact our productivity in a negative way until not too long ago so I know from personal experience that your recommendations are simply spot on!

    Getting a comfortable headset with a mic (a cheap Logitech would do!) would be my only recommendation to complete a full working setup ready to get started with IM.


    Ps. Your writing skills are incredible Bev and your site looks flawlessly clean too, great job with your site here!

    • Hi Sergio
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate that so much.
      You are right about having a comfortable headset with mic – I missed that piece of equipment which is essential for good communication both on video and direct through Skype etc.
      Glad you liked my site setup. Thanks again.

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