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If you would like help to start your online business from home please leave a note on my contact page or in the form below and we can organize to spend some time together.

If I do not know the answers to your problems I can certainly point you to someone who can.
I have worked through many different areas of the online business process and I am sure I can help you even if only to have someone to talk to!

I look forward to speaking with you.

To Your Success
“livin’ the dream Gran”

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40 comments on “Online Help”

  1. Hi Bev, Great to see you have taking action and started your blog, which is sure a great start there is a long way to go, but as long as you take one step at a time and keep at it on a continuous basis your see progress. Will sure keep in touch best of luck! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Richard
      Thanks for visiting. This blog is certainly a work in progress but as you say one step at a time! Need some “big steps” right now πŸ™‚
      Every success for your internet ventures.

  2. Hello Bev,

    Congratulations on taking that all important first step. You’ve accomplished more already than most ever will.

    I am eagerly looking to complete the challenge and have determined that I will no longer get distracted by the dreaded “shiny object.” I plan on seeing this through to the end. An online business is something I’ve been chasing for a while, and I can finally see that it is in my grasp.

    Best of luck to you as you continue your journey. Just keep looking ahead.

    To your success. . .

    • Thank you, Bob for your kind encouragement.
      The challenge has been a big learning curve for me and lots of “ah ha” moments!
      All the best for your success as you move ahead.

    • Hi Bridget
      You did well getting your video up. I would have like to hear your voice though!
      I am sure you will be a pro before long and we will see you moving to great success.
      My story is very similar to yours.
      What do you consider the biggest challenge in your search for constant online income?
      I have a number but I think that focus is probably no 1.
      Choose one model and stick with it until it works – so we are being told!
      Thanks for visiting

    • Thanks for visiting Lauren.
      I really relate to your home page content and I think there are probably several million others the same – just one million will do!!
      Looking forward to seeing you in the winners circle.

    • Hi Kirsten
      Good to see you on the QSC and thanks for visiting to say hello.
      Looking forward to completing week 3 shortly!
      Here’s to your success

  3. Hello Bev,

    Sorry for my delayed response. I was on vacation all of last week with limited phone and internet. I am catching up this week. I wanted to congratulate you on your blog and wish you success on your Challenge.

    Here’s to “livin the dream”.


    • Hi Steve
      Thanks for visiting.
      Lucky you – vacation time is special. We all need a break sometime!
      All the best for great success on QSC.
      “livin’ the dream gran”

  4. Hi Bev

    This is a great journey that we have all embarked on. The header picture looks very familiar. I hope you find the success you are searching for.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comments.
      Sounds like you are from the “downunder” brigade!
      Look forward to hearing of your success as we proceed along this journey.

  5. Hi Bev, very pretty header. I like your sentiments – a friendship circle. I see from the activity on the Facebook Group that is already becoming a reality.

    Congrats on getting your blog online. I wish you every success with your online journey and especially with the Quick Start Challenge.

    • Hi Sherry
      Great to hear from you.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Getting online is not a problem but making use of it properly is! At least it has been for me.
      May you be blessed with great success.

    • Have visited your blog, Kevin and watched your video too. Well done.
      Each step is another thing we have learned and can use again soon.
      To your success

    • Hello LubanoLim
      Thanks for dropping by – Challenge is a good word for this!!!
      You have quite a few posts on your site – good content.
      You will do well in the Challenge I am sure.

    • Hi Shane
      Enjoyed visiting your site. Great presentation. Nice slider at top.
      What theme are you using?
      I agree that simpler times appear to have been easier but they also involved a learning curve – even if in a different environment!
      Look forward to your post for online biz for oldies – what is the definition of “oldie” I wonder!! I tell my family “age is just a number” attitude is what counts!!
      All the best for your success using the Challenge as a starting point.

    • Hi Peter
      Many thanks for your kind words.
      It is so good to be able to share with many others who are also on this journey.
      I wish you great success in your venture too.

  6. Hi Bev
    Welcome to the world of blogging. I see you are new to it and that’s good because I too have lots in common with you. I have messed around looking at courses and tried things but not in the manner that this seems to be taking us. I like it a lot and I have found that the focus and planning is the thing that has benefited me most of all.
    Just as we were asked to last night in the webinar I am going to choose some from the blogroll to follow and you were at the top of the list. I am going to keep coming back on a regular basis and perhaps in that way it will encourage both of us. My blog has the title ‘The Only Way Is Up’ and that’s my aim so I hope I can help you to aim for the stars too. Good luck, take action and I will look forward to seeing your video.


    • Hi Gordon
      I have just visited your site and it seems you have been keeping a journal daily of your journey since February. Well done. It is always helpful to be able to assess where we have travelled and what we need to change along the next road we take.
      I am chuffed that you would like to keep in touch and I will do the same – great to have companions with the same goal sharing while travelling. To your success,

    • Hi Gordon
      I am sorry I missed your comment from wayback – but I do appreciate you taking the time to visit.
      I hope that you have learnt heaps since that time and are a long way down the road to success.
      Kindest regards

  7. Hi Bev

    You have a very warm and personal tone to your writing. Really liked your post. Nice header graphic.

    I am in the quick start challenge too seeking to meet new people all around the world

    Consider me a friend from the USA Wisconsin


    • Hi Bill
      Good to hear that I have a new friend from Wisconsin, USA. I have had to go to a map and find out exactly where you are located. Near the great lakes! Guess it gets cold up that way!
      I am in the Sth east corner of Australia – in the state of Victoria – on the coast.
      The Header graphic is taken not far from where I live.
      Look forward to watching your success.

    • Hi Bill
      Sorry I missed your comment but when I changed the theme on my blog all the previous comments were removed from the front area but remained in the admin area! Another lesson learnt!
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
      Kindest regards

    • Hi Tony
      Thanks for your comment from when we were involved in the Challenge.
      It was a great program and well worth the time.
      Sadly, when I changed the theme on my site all my previous comments disappeared but I found them in the admin area – “eventually”
      Still heaps to learn!!
      Not sure if you will get this but thanks for visiting.
      To your success

    • Hi Sandy
      Enjoyed your posts and creative site. Very nice.
      Look forward to hearing more of your background and plans for success.

    • Hi Sandy
      Thanks for your comment on my blog from way back during the days of the Challenge.
      Hope you have gone on to greater things.
      I changed my theme of my blog and lost all the comments on the site but found them in my back office – only today!!!
      Thanks again
      To your success

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