As we are often told if you don’t have a plan or reason to do what you do then your time is wasted. It is a map of your future. “Fail to plan and we plan to fail!”

A dream without a plan is a fantasy. It is easy to dream of all sorts of things but unless we put feet to the dream and work it through it is a pointless waste of time.
People will say, “don’t be silly, you can’t do that!” or “there is no way you will ever achieve that” … I know because I have heard that too! These are the people we need to move on from and look for those who can have a positive influence on our lives.

Getting back to the WHY!

Are you stuck at the moment? Well, here are some suggestions of how to move on from where you are.

Set aside at least a half day but if possible a couple of days! It will be worth it. Go somewhere quiet and where you will be alone.
All you need is a pen/pencil and pad. No computers at all! This removes the temptation of emails etc. etc.

As you are reading this on an ordinary blog page written by an ordinary person I believe you wish to build an online business and become an entrepreneur. If I can do this you certainly can!

You want to learn how but firstly you need to know the real “WHY” you are doing this for.

What does it look like? Think about the end results of success. How will you use your success? Start scribbling, start sketching…..  Some call these Long Term Goals or Dreams or A Lifestyle you are wanting but the question still remains of “WHY do you want this lifestyle – what will it mean to you when you achieve it?”.

What sketching ability do you have? If you’re like me, not much! Neither did this lady but if you could meet her now you would get sketching very quickly!

This is a story about a very successful lady who decided to have a complete change of career and lifestyle. She had been a school teacher and also worked in real estate and life circumstances began to change and she decided to take the plunge and become and entrepreneur. She had no idea what she was going to do but she knew it would require some hard concentrated study and research.

One of the interesting things that she did do was start sketching and as she needed a new home she began to draw out some of the features that she had always dreamed of having in her dream property. Remember this lady had been in Real Estate for many years so had been exposed to some beautiful properties over the years. She finished up with a picture of a beautiful home with items and features that she had actually never seen before.

As she set about changing her life and it was some time before she was financially able to look for a new residence but when she did, guess what, it was just like the drawing she had made some time previously. Her friends and family were incredulous when she showed them the evidence of her original dream and they were sitting in the actual replica of those sketches.

She had established her “WHY”.

So be careful what you dream and draw! Think big and think way outside the box. All things are possible. You may not need a new home or you may have other things you desire to do and special places to go. You may wish to become a philanthropist and support one of the millions of worthy causes around today. People all around the world need help – both physically and financially. Become a giver and you will be blessed abundantly.

But be sure that your “WHY” is what you really want to achieve and the “HOW” will then appear. You need to know THIS WILL NOT BE EASY …….. BUT with assistance it can be achieved quite quickly – trust me because I know!

The one commodity that can never be returned is TIME. Once it is used/passed it is finished so getting started on this experience is crucial to your fast success. Don’t be like me and waste valuable time fluffing around and learning without doing. Learn from those who have already achieved and cut the learning curve by maybe years then get busy and start doing.

BUT first get your “WHY” all down and dusted and work back from what you have finally decided is your ultimate reason for becoming an online entrepreneur. If you don’t know where to start then I suggest you join a good internet marketing membership and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Always remember everyone started at the start sometime!

This is a great membership and I recommend it highly. You will need very little else to get started online. Dennis Becker is someone who struggled greatly at the start of his online career but is now a very successful entrepreneur. Most of all he loves to help beginners. His special book 5 bucks a day was extremely helpful to me because our paths were very similar.

If I can help you in any way I shall be happy to assist. Leave me a message on my contact page and I shall get back to you quickly.





4 comments on “How Big Is Your “WHY”?”

    • Hi Roy
      You are right! Without a good “why”/reason to get involved in internet marketing you will not last long in this industry or at least you will make very little, if any, money.

  1. I love the old line… “Those who say something can’t be done should not interrupt those already doing it”.

    It’s part of the human psyche to need a ‘why’, if only to themselves. Of course many times the ‘why’ is ‘because I want to’, but if external factors can be brought in too, that will strengthen the personal drive and make it more likely that ‘why’ becomes ‘how’ and next, ‘done’ which then justifies the original intention.

    Nice little bit of inspiration here Bev.


    Steven Lucas

    • Hi Steven
      Thanks for your visit – sorry to have been so long in replying – I have let this blog go on “holiday” as I have been building sites for offline people. I need to get back to it and then I will meet great people like you. I am curious about how you found my blog??
      Have a great day.

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