It has been awhile since I have added to my blog and I am looking forward to creating more articles and information pieces that will be of use to my visitors. I have allowed “life happenings” to get in the way of being a regular contributor to my site. Please take note of this and don’t let it happen to you. We need to have a regular strategy setup if we are to be successful in our online businesses. I have some really good posts coming up about just this item and hope they will be useful to you too.

Firstly, I thought I would address some of the misconceptions of who is really suited to have a business online which can be run totally from a home office.

Some people mistakenly believe the work at home entrepreneur has to be a young tech savvy individual or an experienced Internet entrepreneur. But it is possible to find very successful work at home business owners of all ages!

Teenagers and young adults thrive with an online work at home career for many reasons. From high school to college, some younger generations have more responsibility than their peers. A work at home job can help them save for college, or even manage a complex school schedule while still being able to earn money. These youngsters have no fear of technology and will try everything. Just check out You Tube and you will see many of them handling this platform like veterans!

There are two more reasons younger people like a work at home career. First, it doesn’t require any transportation. More and more teens are facing life without a car in an economy where their parents just can’t afford one for them (not to mention the insurance and maintenance costs that goes with it). Secondly, it is often the usual situation now to have both parents busy with their own careers and they are not available to be the “mom’s taxis” as in the past generations.

And a work at home career provides excellent experience for a younger person. While they won’t have a traditional resume when they enter the workforce, it does look good for them to have the entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age! It also teaches them about focused and earnest work practices to reach the goals they require. Some will not require a resume as they will become wealthy young entrepreneurs in their own right and will choose a freedom lifestyle and not a regular pay packet with all the commitments that go along with that.

Parents and other middle aged adults love having a work at home career for many reasons, too. For parents, being able to stay home means more time spent with their kids. It cuts down on daycare costs, too. Many mothers prefer to be the one involved in the nurturing of their children and this is possible with the ability to work from home. There are a number of very successful young moms who have succeeded building online businesses purely for this reason.

If you have a pet, being at home during the workday means your animal doesn’t have to suffer loneliness or wait to be let outside when you arrive home after a long, 8-hour workday (plus travel time too).

Working at home can sometimes provide a supplemental income to adults who need to be earning more than their offline job provides. While the traditional job gives them a steady paycheck and insurance, the online career boosts their earnings to help pay for extra needs and wants. Many start an online career with the hope that one day they will be able to pursue it on a full time basis and this often proves to be true.

There’s a lot of fulfillment in being able to pursue the niche and path you want with a work at home career. Many people in the workforce today report job dissatisfaction because they’re stuck, scared to leave a sure thing, in an unsure economy. Security of income is extremely important and everyone is taking care with such decisions.

Elderly adults have embraced the work at home career, too. Many have found themselves facing age discrimination when it comes to keeping or securing work in the offline world. On the Internet, they don’t have to prove their viability to earn an income and age is not a factor for success or recognition. Many have adapted to the big technological changes the internet has brought into all our lives and they are proving that all things are possible once you learn the ropes.

Mobility is also a factor for some older folk or anyone with a disability. Doing away with the daily commute, whether by their own vehicle or public transport, is possible once a regular income is gained from a home based career. This provides large cost savings as well as time that can be more productive at home with their computer. When it’s hard to manage the travel to a job place, it makes a work at home career very enticing indeed.

Online success income, in the form of work at home earnings, are a saving grace to many older individuals in retirement. Retirement just isn’t what it used to be and experience shows that Social Security can’t be relied on to provide a realistic support these days, so working online can bridge the gap between having to worry about bills and living a comfortable life. Many people are having to return to work, after retirement, due to a change of circumstances following the GFC. Plus the return on savings is practically nothing so regular income from these sources is not what was expected after leaving the workforce. Many are having to look for alternative means of income because of these factors.

As one who has gone down this path I can vouch that all these suggestions are true along with a few things to be aware of. So all in all it seems that a work from home career has lots going for it. Why not give it a go?

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